Leaders at ADC: Meet Kathy Cleary

Kathy Cleary

Kathy Cleary, Health Information Management Director and Privacy Officer

Every month, The Austin Diagnostic Clinic recognizes a staff member who is making a difference. In May, ADC recognized Kathy Cleary, Health Information Management (HIM) Director and Privacy Officer.

Cleary grew up in Wisconsin in a rural community outside of Milwaukee. She earned her Bachelors of Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, studying Health Information Management. After graduating, she worked in the medical records department of a large hospital in Milwaukee.

Cleary’s career path eventually led her to Austin. She began working at ADC 12 years ago. She now manages a staff of 28 with offices at four different locations.

“I’m proud of my team in HIM,” she said. “HIM has had opportunities to grow with the technology and constantly learn and be challenged. We continue to look for more ways to contribute to compassionate care for our patients through HIM Services.”

Cleary says her job helps keep her learning new things, especially because privacy regulations are complex. She needs to stay abreast of changes.

“Everyday there is something new that comes up,” she said. “I have had several staff members call me with questions about issues or concerns – I enjoy being able to help them or research the question for an answer.”

Cleary says she also has a number of outside interests and activities, including traveling and running marathons.