Leaders at ADC: Meet Dr. Stacia Miles

Stacia Miles

Each month, The Austin Diagnostic Clinic recognizes a physician who exemplifies leadership. In June, ADC recognized Dr. Stacia Miles, dermatologist at ADC’s Westlake Clinic.

Miles grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. She says she always enjoyed science, and medical school seemed like a natural step. She decided to specialize in dermatology because of its challenges, the opportunities to learn, as well as the people.

“The skin is unique on every patient since no two rashes are alike which makes every patient interesting. Dermatology encompasses everything from infants to elderly, acne to melanoma, medical issues to surgical. I enjoy the variety,” she said.

Dr. Miles received her dermatology training at Wake Forest University and then went through her residency at the University of Missouri, Columbia.

She feels catching a pre-melanoma or early melanoma is one of the most important things she does every day, because it may have saved someone’s life.

“I look for melanoma on every patient I encounter,” she said. “Because skin problems are visible and have such a high emotional component to them — I enjoy getting to know my patients and being able to address both the physical and emotional aspects of their conditions.”

Her advice to students considering medical school or dermatology? Fully understand what doctors do every day.

“When it comes to choosing a specialty — it is important to follow physicians in practice,” she said. “Seeing patients is only a small fraction of my job.

“When not with patients, I am reading about skin, attending meetings, giving presentations, teaching, handling insurance questions, signing pathology reports, analyzing lab work and managing staff. There is much more to Dermatology than just office hours.”