Leaders at ADC: Meet Chris Ellis

Chris Ellis

Chris Ellis

Every month, The Austin Diagnostic Clinic recognizes a staff member who is making a difference. In January, ADC recognized Chris Ellis, Laboratory Director.

Ellis was born and raised in Chicago. He earned his Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from Cleveland State University. Ellis was later certified as a medical technologist. He received his training at VA Medical Center in Cleveland.

Ellis made his way to Austin, and has been working at ADC for nearly 20 years.

“The lab can be a very intriguing place to work. You can encounter many opportunities to challenge your knowledge and ability to solve problems,” he said. “Sometimes we encounter patient samples that yield weird results and strange anomalies. However, we have the experts that are capable of figuring out the answer to issues and put Sherlock Holmes to shame.”

Ellis, who manages a large staff of phlebotomists, technicians and scientists, says ADC is like a big family.

“I like the friendly atmosphere here at ADC. Everyone is treated like a family member,” he said.