Leader of the Month: Thomas Thrower


Thomas Thrower, CIO, The Austin Diagnostic Clinic

Thomas Thrower, CIO

Information systems is the backbone of  modern medicine – connecting doctors, patients, and services together – and making all this happen behind the scenes is our new Chief Information Officer Thomas Thrower.   Thomas is ADC’s July Leader of the Month.

Born in Detroit, MI, Thrower grew up in the suburbs of Detroit before moving with his family to Akron, OH, where he finished junior high and high school.  He enlisted in the Army right out of high school, and ended up being stationed at Ft. Hood, TX, which led to his subsequent enrollment at what was then called Southwest Texas State in San Marcos. After graduating from college He worked in Houston, TX for 20 years before moving to upstate NY and then to Austin.

Thomas holds a BBA in Computer Information Systems from Texas State University.  Recently he has benefited from a number of leadership development programs, including a comprehensive symposium titled Leading Transformational Change.  Thrower joined ADC in May 2014 as CIO to oversee ADC’s Managed Information Systems and Health Information Management.   He currently supervises 45 staff members.

About working at ADC

“I feel privileged to be here and leading such a fine group of associates in both HIM and MIS,” Thrower said. “I take my role very seriously and know that the things I do (or don’t do) will impact not only my success but the success of others who are following my lead. Likewise, I know that the success of ADC will never be based on the contribution of a single individual, and as such will work hard to enable each individual across my teams to maximize their collective contributions.”

In the short time that Thrower has been here, he says that everybody has welcomed him as a new member of the team.  He loves the people at ADC.  He says there is a very high level of commitment to the growth and continued success of the organization, and everybody he has encountered appears willing to embrace necessary changes as the Clinic navigates healthcare reform and transformation in the United States.  One of his many professional goals will be to help find innovative ways utilizing technology to better connect healthcare in the community, both within ADC and through potential partnerships in the region.

The outdoors and Austin

Thrower says he feels he has had his share of fun this year, with trips to Vancouver, BC and through both Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks. He’ll spend the rest of the summer enjoying time with his family and perhaps getting reacquainted with the Texas Hill Country. Of course with much more of the hot Texas summer ahead, he’ll spend some time finding fun ways to cool off as well.

“It’s hard to describe what is so great about Austin, but I know that my wife never wants to leave here. I like the thriving economy and growth, but also appreciate the things that have stayed the same in Austin since my first days here in the late ‘70s. While there is so much to do in and around Austin, I also appreciate the vast Texas Hill Country that surrounds us from Northwest to Southwest, and love taking long scenic drives on the weekends to both places I’ve seen and places I have not.” said Thrower.

He lives in Cedar Park with his wife and two children who are still at home – 1 who is getting ready to go to college and an 8-yr old who will be entering 3rd grade. Besides spending time with wife and the kids, Thrower  loves mountain biking.  He says he took up the sport in Austin back in 2007, and  while working in Washington and Idaho over the past 3 years, he took the sport to another level, including some competitive racing. In addition, he also loves exploring the outdoors and collecting photos from the many places he has seen. While working and living in the Northwest, he combined his enthusiasm for mountain biking with camping and photography while traveling across Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and British Columbia. He also enjoys playing and competing in racquetball and tennis.

Thrower is a contributor to the ADC staff and physician newsletter and an active member of the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce.