Leader of the Month: Marc Besserman

Marc Besserman, Managed Care Director, The Austin Diagnostic Clinic

Marc Besserman

Navigating the world of Managed Care, insurance plans and contracting is a difficult job.  Recently hired, Managed Care Contracting Director  Marc Besserman is ready to prepare ADC for the changes ahead. He is our April 2014 Leader of the Month.

Marc is responsible for managed care contracting, physician credentialing and provider relations and supervises 6 staff members.  He has a Masters in Health Administration (MHA) from Tulane University in New Orleans, LA.  A native Austinite, Marc is intimately familiar with the history, geography, growth and changing demographics of the city.  He says, “While I am all for growth and development, Austin is no longer the ‘hidden little treasure’ that it once was!”

What is Managed Care Contracting?

The managed care contracts, credentialing and provider relations areas are critically important to the success of the organization. It is very important to optimize our reimbursement position while minimizing our risks with our contracts. Equally important is ensuring that our doctors are all appropriately credentialed and ‘added’ to our existing managed care agreements. Lastly, having excellent relationships (provider relations) with our managed care plan/insurance plan partners is essential to resolving issues, large and small.

Marc has been at ADC one month. While he continues to absorb and learn as much as I can, the ADC family has welcomed him with open arms.  He looks forward to learning much more and being apart of the ADC evolution; and contributing to the continued success of the organization.  He’s noticed the individuals that work at ADC are passionate about putting the patient first!  While the organization continues to evolve and strategically define itself,  he looks forward to growing with the organization and contributing to ADCs continued and future success.

Future goals

Marc looks forward to saying ‘goodbye’ to all the cold weather  as well as a warm Spring (and hot Summer!) with more daylight hours to be outside and poolside!  This Spring will be filled with all sorts of adventures such as learning to walk, learning to ride a bike and learning to swim (the little ones, of course!).

In his spare time  Marc is busy being Dad to a 3.5 year old son and 12 month old daughter!  He has successfully completed 12 marathons (9 Austin, 2 Waco and 1 Boston). Marc’s summer plans and goals include home improvement projects, resurrecting his passion for running and watching the World Cup!