ACL Fest Survival Guide

How to stay healthy and safe

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Safety First

ACL crowd photo

Image source: ACL Press 2013

Have a festival “buddy”

  • Be sure to have a “festival buddy” who is looking out for you and will make sure you are not separated from the group
  • Set a meeting area in case you can’t find your group
  • Memorize the phone number of at least one person in your group

Be aware of your surroundings

  • Look out for others in the crowd — not just friends, but those surrounding you.
  • Know the festival layout: exits, medical tents, food, bathrooms, water refill stations.
  • Prepare an exit strategy in case of an emergency.
  • Keep valuables in a safe place.
  • Never leave drinks unattended.

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Kids at ACL Fest

ACL Fest for Kids

Image source: Flickr

Kids are welcome at ACL Fest 2014. But pediatricians at ADC say bringing children requires more preparation.

Here are some things to remember

  • Know where medical staff are located in case of an emergency.
  • Set up a plan with your child in case you are separated.
  • Protect children’s sensitive ears with earplugs or noise reducer ear muffs.
  • Bring medicine your child may need.
  • Be sure to protect his or her skin with sunscreen.

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What to wear

What to wear to ACL Festival

Image source: Flickr

Comfortable walking shoes

  • Lightweight and light-color clothing (Avoid black clothing)
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays
  • A hat to shield your face from the sun
  • Sunscreen, and reapply throughout the day

Just remember to dress comfortably and be mindful of the weather when choosing your daily outfits.

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How to pack your bag

Backpack for ACL Fest 2014

Image source: Flickr

  • Sunscreen
  • SPF lip balm
  • Poncho or hand held umbrella
  • Bug spray
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Lightweight blanket or towel to sit on
  • Extra pair of shoes and/or socks in case it rains
  • Sunglasses to protect your eyes
  • Ear plugs to protect your ears
  • Travel tissue/toilet paper
  • Phone charger
  • Small first aid kit

Overall, pack light, but bring the essentials to stay safe and healthy in the sun.

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How to get there

Bikes at ACL Fest

Image source: Flickr

There is no parking at Zilker Park.

So what are the options?

  • Park and walk down the hike and bike trail
  • Park and bike
  • Pedicab or taxi
  • Passenger drop off
  • Take the free shuttle from Republic Square Park
  • Scooter or motorcycle

Bike rental shows are a great option if you don’t have a bike. Bike racks are located right outside the festival gates.

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Crowd safety

Stay safe in ACL crowds

Image source: Flickr

ACL Fest attracts thousands of people, and crowds may be quite large. Dense crowds can become dangerous. Crowd collapses and surges can happen very fast with so many people in one place.

Compressive asphyxia, which is an intense pressure that stops you from breathing, can happen in crowded situations.

  • Don’t move deeper into dense crowds
  • Don’t mosh or crowd surf

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Remember to eat!

Eating at ACL Festival

Image source: Flickr

Festival attendees should be sure to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on festival days. No outside food is allowed, but ADC doctors advise against eating a lot of treats.

  • Look for fruits, vegetables, sandwiches
  • Avoid heavy, fatty or friend foods
  • Eat regularly, especially if consuming alcohol

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number 8

Stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated at ACL Fest

Image source: Flickr

Drink water frequently to avoid heat exhaustion.


  • Brink a camelback and/or two unopened water bottle
  • Use the free water refill stations
  • Stay in the shade when possible

Staying hydrated will help guard against heat exhaustion.

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