Kids and Flu

Concerned about your kids and flu?

Dr. Christopher Saenz, pediatrician at ADC Steiner Ranch, hosts a Q &A about your child and the flu.

When should you take your child to the pediatrician?

If you’re concerned about your child being ill, bring them in. Even if it’s not the flu, we can make them feel better and shorten the duration of the illness.

What is the best way to prevent flu?

The best way to prevent your child from getting the flu is the annual flu vaccine.

How long does the flu last?

The flu typically lasts a week, although Dr. Saenz explains that using Tamiflu can sometimes shorten the illness by a day and sometimes offset the chance of getting pneumonia that may prolong illness.

How can parents help their child recover?

Dr. Saenz encourages parents to take their child to the doctor if you feel your child may have the flu. In addition to Tamiflu, some over the counter medication like Tylenol or Motrin, that are age appropriate, lots of fluids, and rest can help your child overcome the flu.

Dr. Christopher Saenz is a pediatrician at ADC’s Steiner Ranch office (5145 FM 620 N, 78732) for more information, or to make an appointment call 512-901-4066.