HRM health educators practice what they preach

Two educators challenged to follow 4 week diet program

During the month of August, ADC health educators Kimberly Smith and Mary Whitehurst challenged themselves to complete four full weeks on the Healthy Solutions diet and stay completely “in the box”, which means eating from the foods provided through the Healthy Solutions diet program.

How did they do?

Smith’s experience

“I stood up for a wedding on August 31 and wanted to take off a few pounds of vacation weight that I had accumulated over the summer,” said Smith.

Smith says she was successful at staying “in the box”. She also did not miss a day of physical activity during the four week challenge.

“It was quite a challenge, but with some planning ahead and some skill power, I was able to stay on track,” she said.

Smith’s results

Smith lost just over 5 pounds as a result of the diet.

“I am confident that I can do this, especially since I got such a strong start on the diet.  While in San Diego, I did not derail my efforts.  I brought meal replacements, got in five servings of fruits and vegetables every day and got in lots of physical activity.  I also stayed under 6 on the “simplified calorie system” for Phase 2, except for some wine that I allowed myself at the wedding.  The wine was worth the calories and I ran it off the next day on the beach!”

Whitehurst’s experience

Whitehurst says she has a different perspective on what her patients experience while they go through the program.

“I have always used our meal replacements from time to time, but this was my first attempt to follow the diet plan strictly and stay in the box,” she said. “The first couple of weeks were a huge challenge, but once I got a hang of everything it became part of my routine and I didn’t have to think as much about how to get everything in.”

Facing temptation

Whitehurst says she faced two family gatherings during the challenge and caved into the temptation.

“Although I went out of the box those two times, I was much more conscience of the decisions I made and I was able to protect my weight loss momentum,” she said.

Whitehurst’s results

Whitehurst lost I lost a total of 6.2 lbs over the four weeks.

“I now have first hand experience using some of the strategies I encourage them to use,” she said. “Now, not only can I teach the strategies, I can also speak from personal experience and assure my patients that they work!”


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