How to lose weight the healthy way

For many Americans, reaching and maintaining an ideal weight is an ongoing battle.

Legs on treadmills

From fad diets to difficult and monotonous workout sessions, it is a battle that can be hard to win.

However, with the help of a good internal medicine doctor, or possibly a weight loss clinic, and some common sense health facts, it doesn’t have to be a losing battle.

Dr. Sujata Jere, ADC Family Practitioner, recommends that you always contact your healthcare provider before making any major lifestyle changes.

Get started on the path to healthy weight loss

  • Commit to a healthy goal.
    Making a mental commitment or even typing up a pseudo-contract for yourself can help you stay on track. Be steadfast in your belief that it is possible, and that you are capable of losing the weight.
  • Weigh yourself weekly, not daily.
    You won’t see immediate results, so don’t bother stepping on the scale every day—you’ll only end up feeling discouraged. But, you do want to track your progress, so check your weight once a week. One to two pounds of weight loss per week is a healthy goal.
  • Add foods to your diet.
    Instead of depriving yourself of forbidden treats, find healthy snacks that you love, like berries and nuts, and substitute them for your daily munchies. Be sure to keep an eye on overall calories consumed, though.
  • Make exercise fun.
    You don’t need to slave away on a boring treadmill to lose weight. Try a dance or yoga class, go for a bike ride, or take a long walk with the dogs. Make a family healthcare plan, where you all are doing fun, active things together. You’ll be burning calories and spending time together—a win-win!

If you think you need a little extra help, then contact our experts at our weight loss clinic at The Austin Diagnostic Clinic. Our healthcare specialists can work with you to achieve your weight-loss goals and to help you learn how to maintain your new weight.