How to get your lab results

If you’ve had labs draw at one of our draw stations or at the Main Clinic lab, you may be wondering how to see your results.


The time it takes to return lab results can vary, depending on the test, but on average they take about three to four days.

Labs that were sent to an outside reference laboratory may take up to 14 days or longer, depending on the test.


You can see you results two ways.

  1. MyADC
    Your lab results are stored as part of your electronic medical record and can be accessed through MyADC, our patient portal.  Lab results will be available on MyADC approximately 96 hours after your labs are processed.
  2. Through your provider
    You can also call your doctor’s office to find out the results of your lab work.
    Your privacy is our utmost concern. In order to protect your privacy and comply with HIPPA regulations, we can not tell you your lab results over the phone. Sorry!