Holiday Toy Safety and Selection

‘Tis the weeks before Christmas and all through Central Texas parents are desperately seeking the right toy for their girl or boy!   Dr. Christopher Saenz, ADC Steiner Ranch pediatrician shared helpful advice about selecting safe toys for your child with KXANs Gigi Barnet.

Toy Safety

Parents should consider the following when purchasing toys for their child

  • Age
  • Ability
  • Interest

Dr. Saenz recommends reading the labels on each toy and purchasing the age appropriate toy for your child.   Often younger children explore new things by putting them in their mouths, he says legos or game pieces for a 10 year old may wind up in the throat, nose or gut of an 18 month old.

When should electronic devices and toys be introduced?

 Dr. Saenz, and the American Academy of Pediatrics  recommend that parents introduce electronic devices for children no earlier than 18 months of age.  And, from 18 months to 5 years old, they should limit the time to one hour of screen time.  Dr. Saenz further recommends that the parent spend that hour with child on a quality, educational website or game.

What are common toy/play injuries you see as a pediatrician over the holidays?

As a former pediatric ER physician Dr. Saenz saw many injuries.  Last year, he said the most common injuries were attributed to hoverboards, but most he sees are from children putting small toys in their mouths, ears and nose.  He said parents should remind older children to pick up their small toys to avoid accidents with their younger siblings.

Where can a parent go for more information or to view recall information?