Holiday portion control

The holidays are around the corner and food is a big part of how we celebrate.  Purvi Desai, Registered Dietitian with the Austin Diagnostic Clinic Nutrition Services shares some helpful tips to help prevent overeating this holiday.   She joined KXANs Erin Cargile to show portion sizes and share some good advice.

Don’t go in to your holiday dinner hungry

Purvi recommends you have a good breakfast or sensible lunch before your holiday dinner.  This goes against common thinking that you should starve yourself and then eat what you want.  She says by doing this you may wind you eating twice the amount of calories you would normally consume.  Having a snack a few hours before, will help you feel full faster and curb your cravings too.

Some good snacks are fruit, vegetables, water crackers or hummus.

Cocktail party dos and donts

Four ounces is the serving size for a glass of wine.  As you see in the video above it doesn’t appear to be much.  Ms. Desai recommends using a spritzer like sparkling water to make the wine last a little longer.  When mixing drinks, remember one shot glass of hard liquor contains 100 calories and that’s before you mix it with soda or fruit juice which will add additional calories doubling or tripling your drink’s calorie content.  Just say no to double shots and consider using diet drinks or sparkling fruit water as a mixer this holiday season.

With appetizers stick to fruits and vegetables for most of your snacks.  Limit starters with lots of cheese or heavy sauces.  Two cubes of cheese equals 2 ounces or 100 calories.

Thanksgiving Dinner

An average Thanksgiving dinner may have up to 4500 calories.  In addition, to eating or snacking a few hours ahead of your Thanksgiving meal, you may also utilize the plate method for portion control.  Fill half the plate with vegetables, use one-fourth for protein and one-fourth for starches.  Skip the seconds and thirds, but have dessert, because after all it is the holidays.  Cut thin slivers of pie or share a dessert with someone.