Holiday gifts: 5 safe toy tips

child places block on boxGifts are a wonderful part of the holidays, especially for children. Taking a few extra minutes to make sure you are giving a safe gift will help ensure a better holiday for everyone.

Toys cause thousands of injuries to children every year. To help prevent injuries, keep in mind these five tips for picking out the perfect present from Pediatrician Eric Cherng, M.D., of The Austin Diagnostic Clinic

  • Make sure toys are well made
    Avoid toys with loose parts. Materials should be sturdy. Thin plastic toys are likely to break and can leave sharp edges.
  • Read the label
    Labels should list what age child the toy is safe for. The label should also say “nontoxic.”
  • Look for small parts
    Toys that have small parts can be a choking hazard.
  • Check to make sure painted toys use lead-free paint.
  • Avoid toys that make loud noises to minimize the risk of hearing damage.

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season all around us, safety may not be the first thing on gift givers’ minds. But when it comes to toys for children, safety should be a priority.