HGH Use in Teens

ADC pediatrician Theresa Willis, MD, visited the KXAN studios to discuss a recent study about HGH (human growth hormone)use in teens.  KXANs Erin Cargile reported that from a study of 3700 teens, steroid use is up 5% from 2012; 1 in 10 report using HGH and 1 in 5 say they know someone who uses HGH.   HGH has been used for many years to treat medical hormone deficiencies, but in recent years use has transitioned to boosting performance in adult athletes and now in younger teen athletes.   The danger, Dr. Willis says, is that these hormones promote growth that is unnatural.   There are real health risks involved including heart problems, bone and joint problems and quite possibly the onset of diabetes.  Parents are encouraged to ask their teens about HGH use if they notice sudden growth in height,weight gain, mood change or out of proportion acne breakouts. For more information about the study: National Study: Teen report higher use or performance enhancing substances