Hearing amplification devices

Hear more, strain less.

We offer a wide variety of hearing devices to our patients from various manufacturers. Take a look at some of our amplification options from one of these manufacturers, Oticon.

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Alta Pro is Oticon’s newest and premium amplification device.  A range of breakthrough features combine to give you enhanced sound quality and reduce the effort required to listen and understand. One of these features allows you to personalize the sound based on your preferences by listening to sound samples in the office.  In short, Alta is Oticon’s best listening experience ever.

Available colors: Chroma Beige, Terracotta, Chestnut Brown, Silver, Silver Grey, Diamond Black

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Forget about what you’ve heard about amplification up to now.  Intiga is so advanced, you’ll be amazed at how smart, how helpful and how transforming better hearing can be.

When you take control of your hearing with Intiga, you can engage more in life, and begin hearing more naturally. You will strain less to understand, so you have more energy to respond, communicate and give back. You can take part in life the way you want to.

Available colors: Chroma Beige, Terracotta, Chestnut Brown, Pure White, Silver, Silver Grey, Steel Grey, Diamond Black, Vivid Lilac, Natural Henna

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Agil is like no other amplification. It’s designed to improve your ability to hear and understand with reduced cognitive effort, even in difficult listening situations. There’s no need to avoid crowded restaurants, conference rooms or sporting events. No need to turn up the volume on the TV.

Since you won’t have to work so hard to hear anymore, you’ll have more energy to participate in conversations and your favorite activities.

Available Colors: Diamond Black, Steel Grey, Silver Grey, Silver, Chroma Beige, Terracotta, Chestnut Brown, Samoa Blue (available in miniRITE only)

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Oticon Acto is designed to let you hear what you need to hear with greater comfort and convenience. The amplification instruments automatically adapt to the environment so that you can follow conversations, even in challenging situations.

Acto is discreet — it can fit securely inside your ear or behind it. The discreet organic shape virtually disappears behind your ears letting you and everybody else forget they are there.

Acto is also wireless, enabling you to connect to devices such as cell phones, TV and MP3 players.

Available Colors: Silver, Silver Grey, Steel Gray, Diamond Black, Chestnut Brown, Terracotta, Chroma Beige

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Oticon developed the more affordable Ino amplification instrument to include essential features most people want in an amplification instrument.


  • Clear and comfortable sound processing
  • Automatic operation
  • A wide variety of instrument styles and options.

Available Colors: Diamond Black, Steel Grey, Silver Grey, Silver, Chroma Beige, Terracotta, Chestnut Brown

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Amplification accessories

Accessories can enhance your hearing experience. Ask us about your options.

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