Hearing Aids: Insertion and Volume Control

Adjusting your hearing aids for daily use and volume

In this video, ADC Audiologist Janet Davila, AuD, CCC-A explains how to put on your hearing aids and adjust volume.

How to put on your hearing aid

  1. Set the hearing aid or instrument on top of the ear
  2. Insert the dome in your ear
  3. Using your index finger, push (gently) the dome into your ear canal
  4. Flip the anchor or spring upwards to stay flush with your outer ear

When you  look in the mirror the wire should be flush with your skin.

Adjusting Volume Control

Dr. Davila offers this helpful tip to adjust the volume on your hearing aids.  She says to remember that your right instrument raises the volume and your left instrument lowers the volume:

  • Right=Raises volume
  • Left=Lowers volume
  1. Find your volume control button on the back of your hearing aid.  With your index finger give the button a quick tap or push.

Switching to a Saved Program

To switch your hearing instruments to a set program, for example a crowded room setting, follow these directions.

  1. To change from one program to another, hold your volume button down for 1.5 to 2 seconds.
  2. You will hear a beep in each ear when the program has changed.
  3. To return to your previous program, hold the volume button down again for 1.5 to 2 seconds.  You will once again hear the two beeps to indicate the program has been changed.

Does it matter which hearing aid you use to switch to adjust volume or switch to another program?

According to Dr. Davila, it depends on how the buttons on the back are programmed and how big the hearing aids are.  The smaller, mini receiver in the ear aids are ear specific. That is, the button on the right aid turns the volume up for both aids. The left aid button turns the volume down for both aids.

If you have a larger standard sized receiver in the ear, there is a “rocker” switch on the back. Tap the top of the switch and both aids go up, no matter which aid you use. Tap the bottom of the switch and both get softer no matter which aid you use.  Press and hold the top (or bottom) of the switch for two seconds and release it, and the program will change.  It is best to change the program with the right aid though, because it cycles through the programs  as follows; 1 -2 -3 -4, while the left will cycle 4 – 3 – 2 – 1.  Using the right to change programs is more intuitive.

For more information about hearing aids and instruments contact the ADC Audiology department at 512-901-4808.