Developing a healthy relationship with food

It begins in the early stages of our lives – developing a healthy relationship with food.

Dr. Kimberly Albert, pediatrician at ADC Cedar Park, discusses some simple ways to create healthy food routines for your family.

Eating together as a family serves a lot of different purposes.

  • It allows parents to be a role model by establishing and showing their children that they are eating the same foods.
  • It’s good to be social by eating together and talking about your day.
  • With older children, it allows them to be part of the food preparation process and building a healthy relationship with food.

How do parents avoid being short-order cooks:

  • Focus on foods as being part of what nourishes the body, helping children to grow and regenerate.
  • Don’t focus on good food vs bad food
  • Approach food as a matter of fact: this is what we have and what we are eating at this meal.

How to eat well daily:

  • In your household, buy and have mostly fruits and veggies and good protein sources.
  • Limit the processed foods – especially when children are younger they have no idea that there is anything else but healthy choices at home.
  • Don’t try to control or battle over what your kids eat – If you offer healthy choices and they choose to eat it great.  If not, let it sit there and they will come back to it.

Resources from the American Academy of Pediatrics – HealthyChildren.org