Halloween without candy? Try these healthy alternatives

We put our creativity to the test with these healthy Halloween snacks

Vampire Bite - Halloween snack

Do you know how far you need to walk to burn off just one fun size candy bar?

A typical fun size candy bar has 80 calories – that means you would need to walk 0.8 miles – or 1600 steps – to walk off the indulgence.

And that’s just one piece of candy.

With Halloween just over a week away, the temptation to snack on fun size candies seems to be everywhere. Your workplace may even have dishes of candy sitting out, inviting you to enjoy.

It’s easy to get caught up in the Halloween fun, but if you’re watching what you eat, it can be tough to avoid the sugar.

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic staff who work in and with clinic administration love participating in Halloween – it’s part of the fun!

We challenged them to make some healthy alternatives to typical Halloween treats – snacks that focus on vegetables or fruit, rather than sugar and chocolate.

We invited them to bring them into work to share and taste. Here are some of the snacks they came up with:

Boo Bananas

Boo Bananas - Halloween snack

These bananas were frozen, then dipped in yogurt, rolled in coconut and given dark chocolate chip eyes. If you wanted to cut the calories even more, you could choose plain yogurt and raisins.

Inspiration recipe: Banana Ghost Pops

Carrot Fingers

More carrot fingers - Halloween snacks

Baby carrots, sliced almonds and vegetable dip are all you need to create this creepy, but healthy Halloween snack dip.

Inspiration recipe: Carrot finger food

Mini Monster Sliders

Mini Monster Sliders - Halloween snacks

These fun sandwiches were assembled with chicken salad, olives, cheese, pickles and mini slider buns – all found at the local grocery store. They were actually pretty quick to put together, but they look like they took all day!

Inspiration recipe: Monster sandwiches

Monster Mouths

Monster Mouths - Halloween snacks

The kids at home had a fantastic time assembling these monster mouths, made from apple slices, mini marshmallows and Nutella. Make it a little healthier by using a nut butter or seed butter instead of Nutella.

This was also a great addition to the kids’ lunches. They were so excited to find a “mouth” in their lunchboxes.

Inspiration recipe: Apple mouths

Vampire bites

Vampire Bites - apple, peanut butter and almond slivers

This fun treat was delicious, and the person who brought them pulled them together in just five minutes. Talk about fast!

Inspiration recipe: Vampire Bite

Witches’ Brooms

Witches' Brooms - string cheese, pretzel sticks and green onion

This fun snack was easy to put together with string cheese, pretzel sticks and green onion sliced into strips.

Inspiration Recipe: Escobas de Bruja de Queso

You’ve Been Slimed

You've Been Slimed - Halloween snack

This snack definitely got the “gross out” award, but if you’re a Ghostbusters fan, you’ll love this idea. Turn hard-boiled eggs into ghosts. Peel them, slice off part of the bottom to make a flat surface, and nestle in guacamole. They’re like mini “Slimers!”

Inspiration recipe: Casper’s Ghost

Want to make your own healthy Halloween snacks? We found dozens of ideas for healthy but fun Halloween treats on Pinterest. Check out our Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration.


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