Gift ideas for a safe and healthy holiday

colorfully wrapped packages

Here is a list of gifts that can make someone’s life safer, healthier and happier for years to come.

Health gifts

Exercise equipment or clothing, yoga mats, gym membership, dance lessons, heart-healthy cookbooks, tennis or golf lessons, calorie counter, nice bathroom scale or a basket of produce from the local farmer’s market.

Gifts for the home

Smoke detectors, light timers, fire extinguishers, home first aid kits, general self-help medical books, fireplace screens, air purifier, sturdy ladder, fire-escape ladder, lock for sliding doors or home safety locks and baby proofing items for new parents.

Gifts for the car

First aid kit, car emergency kit, window scraper, car escape tool, child safety seat, gas cards

Gifts for the elderly

Bathtub strips and bars, digital thermometer, electric blankets, luggage cart, bathtub safety bench, warm clothing and boots

Gifts for the athlete or sports enthusiast

Reflective strips or vest for nighttime activities; thermal underwear, digital pulse rate meter; protective gear for head and eyes; bike emergency kit; water camels; BPA-free water bottles

Stocking stuffers

Bike reflectors, jumper cables, flashlights, nightlights, thermal socks – underwear, warm gloves, scarf, and mittens, wall socket covers.

Remember that a promise between friends or among family members to never drink and drive is always a great gift. Add a promise to always wear seatbelts in vehicles and helmets on bikes and motorbikes. An offer to assist elderly friends or relatives with chores or transportation throughout the year will be especially appreciated.