Flip the Clinic with MyADC

ADC participates in Flip the Clinic with MyADC

ADC Menopause Staff members register patients for MyADC

ADC Menopause & Osteoporosis staff, Pat Gomez and Paola Van der Vliet, register patients for MyADC to communicate with their office securely.

By Thomas Thrower, CIO

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic (ADC) was recently recognized nationally as a participant in an initiative that is intended to improve patient awareness and engagement around their own health records. The sponsor of the initiative, Flip The Clinic, is aligning this effort under the White House’s Champions of Change for Precision Medicine event. The aim of ADC under this initiative is to further promote the use of its MyADC Patient Portal and to collaboratively explore more flexible options for our patients in the future.

What may be in store for the future?

These options may include connecting with consumer-adopted healthcare apps that are able to consolidate and maintain an individual’s health records across multiple healthcare providers. Conceptually this is very similar to the way consumers have been able to consolidate their electronic financial information within apps that they choose on their own. So instead of a consumer having to connect with multiple healthcare providers to gather all of their relevant information, they could conceivably have all of that information directed to a designated destination.

Our vision for engaging and integration

While the majority of healthcare consumers have yet to express an interest in managing complex medical records on their own, standardization of medical record formats and the ability for “smart apps” to help decipher the information may help push consumers towards adopting these tools. At ADC our interest extends beyond simply empowering consumers to own their data.  In 2001, ADC established our electronic medical records system in anticipation of the changes in health IT.  Now, our vision for the future is to establish a framework that enables meaningful, bi-directional exchanges of health information between patients and their care teams. This is a loftier goal that will require further research and development, but once in place, our hope is that it may not only help improve health outcomes, but also improve the overall patient experience.


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