Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive 2014

ADC staff and physicians contribute fans and funds to help keep Central Texans cool

It’s June and temperatures are beginning to climb into the 90s and higher.  If the full summer heat and humidity makes the walk from our cars to home or work uncomfortable – imagine living without air conditioning in your home.  It’s what hundreds of our neighbors in Central Texas must do each day.  Many of them are at high risk for heat exhaustion due to age or medical conditions.

For the past 24 years Family Eldercare has lead the way in keeping elderly and young children cool with contributions of fans and funds from their annual Summer Fan Drive.  Since, 2002, ADC staff and physicians have made the Fan Drive a perennial giving campaign.  As healthcare providers, we know that heat can exacerbate many existing medical conditions and increase the incidence of heat exhaustion.  It’s a program that reflects our vision of compassionate care and our values to treat our community members like family.

We began our Clinic campaign on June 1 and will end June 20, but you can give all summer long online at Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive and help Keep Austin Cool.   When you visit the site, you can learn about numerous ways to get involved in the Family Eldercare Summer Fan Drive –  make a donation, learn about Fan Drive Teams, volunteering, special events and more!

Fan Drive Update:  This year staff and physicians raised over $1600.00 for Family Eldercare!