What and when to eat at ACL

Avoid headaches and fainting with healthy, regular meals

Eating at ACL Festival

Image source: Flickr

It may be tempting to splurge on funnel cakes, turkey legs and nachos throughout the ACL Fest weekend, but ADC doctors advise eating those treats in moderation.

Festival attendees should be sure to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner on festival days. You will need lots of energy in order to do all of the walking around and you want to avoid the potential of getting headaches or fainting. Do your best to look for fruits and vegetables, since no outside food is allowed into the festival.

“Good things to eat for energy and comfort while on your feet outdoors all day would be fruits, vegetables, sandwiches.  Avoid heavy, fatty or fried foods,” said Dr. Erica Moeller, ADC Urgent Care.

ADC Urgent Care pediatrician Dr. Lisa Gaw agrees.

“Generally, the less processed the snack or food item, the better,” she said.

Austin Eats

ACL’s Austin Eats area has many options for food from local Austin restaurants. Many of the food vendor will provide vegetarian and gluten free options, in case you have special dietary considerations. Also remember to eat and hydrate with water regularly, especially if you are drinking alcoholic beverages.

Paying for food at the festival

Bring cash for food. All vendors accept cash and there are ATMs inside the festival grounds.