Concerned about the Flu?

 You should be.   Outbreaks of flu are occurring throughout Texas.

lady with flu sneezing

Dr. Jennette Cross, family practitioner at ADC Cedar Bend reports that they have been seeing many patients with flu in her practice.  She recommends seeing a doctor to begin Tamiflu if you have flu-like symptoms such as:

  • fever
  • body aches
  • sore throat
  • cough

Dr. Cross is seeing patients who have received the flu vaccine earlier in the season come in with a different strain of flu.  She recommends family members at high risk for flu (diabetes, heart disease, chronic illness and young children) protect themselves by getting a flu shot or beginning steps to avoid flu (exposure to sick individuals, washing hands, getting rest).

She points out the biggest difference between H1N1 and other flu strains is that H1N1 is more dangerous for young healthy people than other strains of flu.  Additionally, the current flu swab testing is not sensitive to this strain.  Therefore, a negative rapid flu test does not  necessarily mean that you do not have the flu.  Laura Guerrero, MD, ADC internist, agrees.  Both physicians tell us that the H1N1 is one of the strains captured in the flu vaccine this season.  She recommends continuing to offer shots to un-vaccinated individuals.  Dr. Guerrero says ADC providers may consider treating patients with Tamiflu even if their flu test is negative.