Common Questions for our Travel Clinic

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Travel Clinic information and questions

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1. When should I get my vaccines?

The simple answer? As soon as possible.

You should try to schedule your appointment four to six weeks before to traveling if possible. If that’s is not possible, most vaccines need only two weeks to become maximally effective.

2. Is it too late to get vaccinated?

While not optimal, there are still benefits in receiving vaccines before traveling in this situation. At your appointment, the travel nurse will also educate you on avoidance tactics to keep you healthy while traveling.

3. What vaccines do I need?

During your appointment the travel nurse will do a risk assessment for your itinerary. This includes vaccine recommendations and requirements as well as education on non-vaccine preventable diseases.

You can also check out this list from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to research risks before your appointment.

4. Do you take my insurance?

There are many different types of insurance plans available, so it’s hard to generalize. The best way to verify vaccine coverage is to call the number listed on your insurance card and ask them if travel vaccines and routine vaccines are covered under you plan. All of our vaccines are coded as preventative care.

Our Travel Clinic contracts with several major insurance carriers, and we can submit your claim for vaccines, if we are contracted with your carrier. You will be responsible for payment of travel vaccines and consultation fees at your appointment time.  You will be responsible for any charges declined by insurance.

If we are not contracted with your carrier, you will receive an itemized receipt and claim form when you check out that contains the codes you will need to file for reimbursement directly.be responsible for any immunizations, administration fee, product or service at time of consult.

Check out our insurance information for the plans we can submit to.

5. How long are appointments?

  • Travel appointments that include education as well as immunizations generally last 60 minutes.
  • Medication only appointments generally last 30 minutes.
  • Vaccine only appointments generally last 10-20 minutes.

Duration of consult can be determined at time of scheduling appointment.

6. My whole family is traveling. Can we all come in at the same time?

We try to accommodate families and groups. Give us a call to schedule. All travelers must be present for consult.

7. If I grew up in the country that I am visiting, will I need immunizations?

Possibly. Immunity to some infectious diseases will decrease the longer you are away from your country of origin. Call us to speak with our staff to discuss your travel needs and possible vaccinations.

8. Should I be worried about vaccines if I am not traveling?

Yes! Often times adults do not think about keeping their vaccines current. Call us to see if there are any routine vaccines you might be missing.

Routine vaccines include:

  • Td/Tdap
  • MMR
  • Varicella
  • Hepatitis B
  • Zostavax
  • Pneumovax
  • Influenza

9. What else can I expect?

Our nurses will customize your care based on your individual travel needs.   They will also give advice on food and drink choices to make, medications you should take and how much,  insect repellents that are most effective for protection and much more.