Cleaning Hearing Instruments

How to clean your hearing instrument

ADC Audiologist Janet Davila, Aud, CCC-A takes viewers on a step by step tutorial on how to clean the most common hearing instruments.   She demonstrates how to clean three types:

  • Receiver in the Ear
  • In-the-Ear
  • Behind the Ear

Receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid

  1. First, you pull the dome off of the hearing aid speaker. You put it in a tissue and you roll the dome or squeeze the dome in the tissue to remove the wax that’s in the dome.
  2. Next, you’re going to pull out the wax guard that’s in the speaker and it’s that little white light saber-looking object. You take a black tab off of the wax guard wheel and then, you pick up your speaker. You’re going to take the empty post or the pulling post, push it into the dirty wax guard until it snaps. Then, you pull it out. Now, you’re going to put the new wax guard into the speaker. Just push it in, press it kind of firmly and it will stay in. Lastly, you put your dome back on your speaker and your hearing aid is clean and ready to go.
  3. This is an older version of receiver-in-the-ear instrument. They can have wax guards with blue tabs or gray tabs, depending on the model. When you buy new wax guards, bring your packaging so you know what you need for your instrument.

In-the-ear hearing aid

  1. If you have an in-the-ear model hearing aid, it works the same way. Pull it out with a pulling post and put a fresh, clean wax guard in after you’ve pulled out the dirty one.

Behind-the-ear hearing aid, with custom ear mold

Notice the ear mold is a custom ear piece. The hearing instrument ear piece needs to be cleaned where that tube comes out or comes through the ear piece. That’s where your sound is coming through. You can pick up from us a small brush with a wire-loop at the end. That wire-loop can be used to clean wax and other debris out of that top hole. It also has a bottom hole called the vent, that lets air in and out of your ear. So keep that one clean in exactly the same way.

Additional information:

Different hearing aids require specific types of wax guards (filters) and domes. Below is a general list. Try to keep your packaging and bring it with you when you need to purchase new supplies, in order to ensure that we provide you with the appropriate type.

  • Oticon hearing aids
    • Wax guard: ProWax, NoWax, or ProWax miniFit, depending on hearing aid
    • Dome (hat): RITE or miniFit, depending on hearing aid (various sizes/styles)
  • Phonak
    • Wax guard: Cerustop
    • Dome (hat): Smokey dome (various sizes/styles)
  • Widex
    • Wax guard: Nanocare
    • Dome (hat): Instant or RIC domes, depending on hearing aid (various sizes/styles)

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