Cedar Fever 2013 – KXAN interview

Dr. John Villacis discusses the incoming cedar fever season with KXAN’s Erin Cargile.

A wet fall may mean a more intense cedar allergy season, according to Dr. Villacis.   The mountain cedar allergen can make life miserable for many central Texans over the next few months.   Symptoms include itchy eyes, ears, skin; watery eyes and nasal drip or congestion.   Dr. V recommends that patients begin taking  over-the-counter medications now to help offset symptoms.  However, if symptoms worsen or persist, to visit an allergist.

ADC will be hosting Cedar Saturdays in January for patients seeking relief from cedar allergies.  Call 512-901-4052 for appointments or download this flyer for more information: CedarSaturdays-2013-flyer