Cast boot instructions

Your podiatrist has prescribed the cast boot for your health benefit. Remember:

  • Take reasonable care of your cast boot.
  • Familiarize yourself with the cast boot Instructions as provided.
  • Do not drive with your cast boot.

ADC Is not responsible for the replacement or repair of any damage of the cast boot. In order to reduce the possibility of damage to your cast boot you should follow the instructions for care and use of the boot given by the supplier or manufacturer.

In order to put your cast boot on:

  1. Place your heel all the way back to the heel of your cast boot
  2. Fold over the liner and Velcro in place
  3. Put the guard over the liner
  4. Tighten the Velcro straps – finger tight across your foot and shin
  5. Pump air into the air bladder on either side of your cast boot
    1. Pump no more than five (5) pumps of air into either side of the air bladders
    2. Pump the air bladders an equal amount on each side of your cast boot  Example: two pumps on the left side and two pumps on the right side
    3. The air bladders are there to stabilize your ankle in the cast boot, they should not be pumped up to the point where the pressure causes your ankle to throb
    4. It is not necessary to pump up the air bladders every time you remove the cast boot
    5. The air bladders will stay pumped up until you deflate them
    6. CAUTION: Overfilling the air bladders can cause them to pop or break
    7. Air bladders are overfilled if you can not place your heel all the way into the back heel of the cast boot and your toes are hanging over the edge
  6. Please do not get your cast boot wet.