Cardiology office policies

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Phone calls

For routine questions for the cardiology nurse, call 512-901-4001 between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday. Voicemail will answer calls received after 4pm. Your message will be answered the following business day.

When you leave a message:

  • Spell your last name
  • Leave a brief explanation for your call
  • Date of birth
  • Name of your physician
  • Call back number

Urgent calls

If you have severe chest pain and a history of stent placement or a previous heart attack or heart surgery please, call 911 and go to the closest emergency room or North Austin Medical Center ER.

If you have taken Sublingual NTG or used your Nitro spray and your chest pain is better, call the nurse line before 12pm to keep us informed. If your blood pressure is consistently too high or too low and you have other symptoms, call the nurse line before 12pm to report your values.


Heart Cath patients need a follow up office visit with the Cardiologist within 14 days after your procedure.

Use our appointment line to schedule or reschedule an appointment. This includes scheduling for EKG’s, Echo’s, Stress tests and Holter/Event monitors. Please do not call or, leave a message on the nurse line. Our business associate will transfer you to the nurse if needed.

New Patients

Provide the business associate with the name of your referring physician.Call your referring physician’s office and arrange to have your records faxed to our office before your appointment. We recommend you call our office a few days prior to your scheduled appointment to verify the records have arrived.

Lab and diagnostic results

Our office will call or mail information to you about your lab or diagnostic results. If you do not hear from us within five to seven business days, call your doctor’s nurse.

Prescription Refills

Call your pharmacy for refill requests. The pharmacy will fax the request to our office. If you are out of refills, your pharmacy will still fax us to request a new prescription. For refills, we require at least an annual appointment or sooner as discussed at the last visit with your cardiologist. (For example, if you were instructed to follow up with an office visit in three months, and it has been six months since you have seen your doctor, the prescription will not be refilled until you have scheduled an appointment).

Medications prescribed by other providers will not be refilled by our office. In general, your primary provider must prescribe non-cardiac medications, includes sleeping pills, pain pills, antibiotics and cold medications.

Mail order pharmacies often require member numbers that we do not have access to. You must first notify the mail order company to provide member number information and to request a refill. Our office will give you a new prescription so you can send it to the mail order pharmacy of your choice.

Allow five to six business days for prescription requests to be processed. Mail order pharmacies require 12-14 days for prescription requests to be process.

Disability papers and form letters

Allow 7 to 10 business days for these forms to be completed.