Bringing your kids to ACL Festival

Prepare ahead of time to bring your kids to the festival

Kids are welcome at ACL Fest. But pediatricians at ADC say bringing children requires more preparation.

Austin Kiddie Limits

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If you do bring your children near the main stages during performances be mindful about standing too close to the speakers. Children are susceptible to noise-induced hearing loss.

“There are many things to consider.” said Dr. Lisa Gaw, ADC Urgent Care pediatrician. “Noise level: There are noise reducer ear muffs that kids can wear to protect their hearing.”


Dr. Gaw also says it’s important to think about how to protect children in large crowds.

“While the festival is a time for fun that includes alcohol, parents need to be aware of “stranger danger” and having their kid getting lost in the crowd. For safety — establish a meeting point in case family members get separated. Some families use walkie talkies,” Dr. Gaw said.

Tips and tricks to make your festival experience with your kids safe and enjoyable:

  • Don’t forget medication(s) that your child may need.
  • Be aware of the location of all emergency medical staff on site at the festival in case of emergency.
  • Be mindful of what your child is wearing.
  • Have a plan with your child for what they should do if they for some reason get lost or separated from you.
    Set a meeting point and be aware that Austin Police, Austin Parks and Recreation Department, and a private security company will be on site to help if needed
  • Tag your child
    One option is to have your child wear a wristband and/or name-tag with your name and phone number listed on the wristband in case you get separated from them for any reason. Once you’re in the park visit the Tag-a-Kid tent at the Family Entrance or the Info Tent at the Main Entrance.  That way you have a reliable and fast way to reunite with your child.

Austin Kiddie Limits 

Children 10 and under will be admitted free to ACL Festival. Austin Kiddie Limits is an area providing activities, baby changing stations, and other activities for children.

Overall, remember to prepare ahead of time and to have fun, so that bringing your child will be a great time for the both of you!