Best Doctors Inc., Recognizes 18 ADC Physicians for Specialty Excellence in 2014

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic announced 18 doctors have been recognized by Best Doctors in America.


Dr. Everett Heinze, Neurologist, 2014 Best Doctor

Specialists in internal medicine, family practice, neurology, pediatrics and rheumatology were distinguished as the top 5% of physicians in the United States.  The following doctors were included on the list published today:

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic

 How were doctors selected?

The list is a result of validated peer reviews.  45,000 physicians in 40 specialties and 400 sub-specialties were polled and the results were then reviewed and validated by Gallup® and Best Doctors in America®.   Doctors who excel in their specialties were asked, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer?” For further information, visit Best Doctors at www.bestdoctors.com  or call (800) 223-5003. Congratulations to all those selected and thank you for your excellence, dedication and care.


  1. Avatar John Donovan says

    We couldn’t agree more about the selection of Dr. Tache and Dr. Worrell. They treat both of our kids and have for years. By far the best doctors the kids have ever seen!

    Best regards,
    John & Roni Donovan

  2. Avatar Daniel Villalobos says

    I have been a patient of AC DC for a very long time along with other family members Dr Crout my Rheumatologist is the best doctor I have ever known as well as dr. Debinkie who is my internal medicine doctor I’ve always said that I had the best doctors aroundvery proud of my doctors and I will never ever go elsewhere . sincerely Daniel Villalobos

  3. Avatar Daniel Villalobos says

    I meant Austin Diagnostic Clinic

    • Avatar rocky-admin says

      Thank you for your comment. We appreciate your kind words and will pass them along to the doctors.

  4. Avatar Frans de Jong says

    My profession took me all over the world and I have had many occasions to look for medical help.
    Dr Richard De Behnke has been the best and most attentive I have met over the last ten years and I recommended him to my family memebers. to all my family.

    • Avatar rocky-admin says

      Thank you so much. We will be happy to forward your message to Dr. DeBehnke.

  5. Avatar Richard McClory says

    Dr. Heinze has been my neurologist for over 30 years. I have the highest opinion of him for his expertise and the personal attention he gives me during office visits. He listens to me, his patient, and he speaks in direct and easy to understand language. When I had a late night seizure at home many years ago, my anxious pregnant wife was able to reach Dr. Heinze by phone. His calm and reassuring voice calmed her as he told her what was happening to me and what to expect next and what to do.
    Another important part of Dr. Heinze’s practice is Angie, his nurse. She is professional and efficient and personable in the office and over the phone. Angie has saved me many times when I needed prescriptions refilled, by cutting through the webs of confusion entangling pharmacies, insurance companies, doctor’s prescriptions and patient needs.
    I say “Thank you” to Dr. Heinze and nurse Angie.
    Richard McClory

    • Avatar rocky-admin says

      Many thanks for taking the time to write about Dr. Heinze and Angie. We will make sure to pass this along to them – they are extraordinary people.

  6. Avatar Mary Kay Palzkill says

    I’ve been a patient of ADC and Dr DeBehnke for almost 25 yrs. Congratulations to you all!