Allergy Drops’ Effectiveness

How effective are allergy drops?

As Cedar Fever season fades and spring allergens and molds take their place, those with allergy symptoms may look to allergy drops as an alternative to shots.  Dr. Scott Oberhoff, Allergy and Asthma Specialist at ADC, stopped by the KXAN studio to discuss allergy drops and their effectiveness.

Like allergy shots, allergy drops take time to build immunity in patients therefore, allergists recommend that you begin therapy about 8-12 weeks before the onset of the season.  Patients may have to participate in drop therapy for 3-5 years before seeing permanent results.  Additionally, the drops are not FDA approved so many insurance companies do not cover the cost.   At ADC, costs range from $100-120 for the initial visit to $70 per vial.   Each vial should last about a month.

For more information about Allergy Drop therapy, visit Dr. Oberhoff’s FAQs page or call us at 512-901-4052.