ADC’s most popular videos in 2012

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Images from 6 of ADC’s most popular videos of 2012.

This has been an exciting year for The Austin Diagnostic Clinic.

Among our most exciting events, we celebrated the clinic’s 60th anniversary, settled into two new clinic locations (ADC Westlake and ADC Circle C), and launched a brand new website design.

We also spent a full year creating and building up a library of videos for our patients, staff and visitors to explore. Our YouTube channel has been an exciting place to share information to help you learn about our doctors, the procedures we offer, and other health and wellness topics.

We definitely have some favorite videos, but so do you, and we thought it would be interesting to show you which videos have been the most popular.

Here is our top 10 list of videos from 2012:

10) Healthy Thanksgiving: Quinoa Stuffing

Right after making this video, our diabetes educators carried this quinoa dish to their office in the Main Clinic, and just about everyone in the elevator commented how delicious it smelled.

This quinoa stuffing was easy to make and it’s great for people living with diabetes or those who eat a gluten-free diet. And it’s not just for Thanksgiving – it’s delicious any time of year.

9) Dr. Francis Buzad, ADC Surgeon, Patient Testimonial

Our doctors do great work every day, and one of Dr. Francis Buzad’s patients shared her story of how he guided her through major surgery and helped make her recovery much faster and less painful.

8) What is an EKG?

This video is one of several educational videos from ADC cardiology to help give patients information about common procedures their cardiologist may recommend.

The video shows how an electrocardiogram is done in-office as a first step toward diagnosing heart conditions.

7) Health Matters: Leg Cramps or PAD?

In the spring, Dr. Joseph Imsais presented a talk on peripheral artery disease, which can be a silent health threat. The signs of PAD are often overlooked, and Dr. Imsais walks us through the symptoms and treatments for PAD in this video of highlights from his talk.

6) Circle C Tour January 2012

Our Circle C clinic opened just over a year ago, and in January, we took patients on a walking video tour of the facility, which is located in a new development off Slaughter Lane near the Alamo Drafthouse.

This video gives patients a glimpse of what the inside of the clinic looks like.

5) Quick Snacks: Ideas for hungry kids

This video was actually one of our first recipe videos with ADC Health Educator Kim Fry. Kids are often hungry right after school, but fast snacks don’t have to be unhealthy.

Kim shows us just how many snack options are available with just a little yogurt and fruit.

4) Menopause: Myths and Facts

This video was created from a 2011 Health Matters seminar with Dr. Mary Gasal, but it remains a popular and great source of information about menopause and what to expect.

3) Meet the Doctor: ADC Neurologist Patience Reading

Just about every time we interview one of doctors, we ask them about what inspired him or her to be a doctor and what they want patients to know about them.

Dr. Patience Reading was one of the first to tell us about her inspiration – a chance walk past a building on 45th Street in North Austin. You’ll have to watch to learn more!

2) Ask ADC: Ankle-Brachial Test

An ankle-brachial test is just one way cardiologists can diagnose peripheral artery disease. It’s an in-office procedure that’s quick and painless, and this video shows exactly how it’s done. Dr. Imsais walks us through the steps so patients know what to expect.

And our top video of 2012…

1) Driving Directions to ADC Westlake

Our Westlake clinic opened just over a year ago and we wanted to make sure patients know how to get there. We set our trusty video camera to record our drive to the clinic, including the U-turn if you approach on Loop 360 from the south.

We’re thrilled that so many people have been helped from this and all of our videos. We’ll have more for 2013!