ADClinic.com moves to HTTPS

Move improves security for patients, website


ADC patients may notice a slight change in the URL bar when they visit ADClinic.com.  The website now fully supports HTTPS, and we are working to make sure all site elements are served over HTTPS.

What are the benefits of HTTPS?

Security is the most significant benefit of an HTTPS secured site.

HTTPS is currently the best way to provide authentication and encryption between a server and a client. That means the data sent from a patient to the clinic is secure and hidden from someone who may try to eavesdrop on the connection.

MyADC, ADC’s secure patient portal, remains the most secure way to connect patients with healthcare providers.  We encourage our patients to sign up for their free account to allow them to communicate with their doctor’s office.  Learn more about MyADC here.

We take your patient information and communication very seriously, and felt it was time to also take steps to secure general forms for contact, feedback and appointment requests, found outside MyADC.   We are continually assessing the needs of our patients and how to improve their experience, and moving ADClinic.com to HTTPS is another step in that direction.