ADC wins gold at 2015 eHealthcare Awards

The Austin Diagnostic Clinic is proud to announce that our website, ADClinic.com, has won Gold in the Best Health/Healthcare Content category  for the 2015 eHealthcare Leadership Awards.

2015-winner-hi-resThis is the third year in a row that the clinic’s website has been awarded for content, having won silver in the same category the previous two years.

On November 11th, during a special presentation of the 19th Annual Health Care Internet Conference, over 240 healthcare organizations received recognition for their outstanding websites and digital communications.

“Content is collaborative.  We have many people contributing content from physicians, to providers, to staff members and leadership.  We feel original content is important and work to provide our patients interesting and educational, and sometimes fun, medical information from a reliable and trusted source.” says, ADC Marketing and Communications Director Rocky Epstein  .

Over 1,000 entries were received from a wide range of healthcare organizations throughout the United States.   Organizations had the opportunity to enter under one of 16 classifications to compete against others of comparable type, size, and resources. These 15 different Award categories were evaluated by 113 individuals familiar with healthcare and the Internet.