ADC staff member pens novel

Book cover of This House is MineD. R. Kupka is not just a member of The Austin Diagnostic Clinic’s Cardiology department staff, but also a published author!

In September, Kupka published his first novel, This House is Mine, which is already available at Barnes and Noble, amazon.com, and Outskirtspress.com. It is expected to become available in all bookstores by November 2011.

“It was always a goal of mine to write a novel, even as a child,” Kupka said.  “My grandmother often told ghost stories from her home and childhood, and her home was filled with books and magazines on fantasy novels and sci/fi magazines. She always encouraged creativity, artwork, and a passion for life, acceptance and tolerance of humanity. This House is Mine was completed in under a year, and it has been finished for almost two. For those who read it, I hope you enjoy, and there is a second novel in the works. Thanks to everyone for their support and encouragement and kind words.”

From the back cover of This House is Mine:

After months of exhaustive searches, Jenna Blevins finds what she believes to be the home of her dreams.  Set in a picturesque, secluded neighborhood, her first day in the home is filled with happiness and an immense joy as she settles into her new place. However, her first night alone is shattered when an unknown attacker brutally murders her, ending her new life before it had a chance to begin.

Three years later, a family moves into the beautiful, fully decorated home of Jenna Blevins. As the days pass, strange events begin to unfold in the home. Furniture rearranges itself, cupboard doors open and slam shut, constant feelings of uneasiness and dread overtake the family one by one. As their fears increase, the vengeful spirit’s strength increases as she begins to make her presence more known. Her violence against the family becomes more threatening as she stakes claim on the home that was hers. Fearing for their own safety, the family contacts a local paranormal investigation group for help and guidance.

Once the paranormal researchers arrive and begin their investigation, the tension in the house builds. Unable to control the environment, the lead investigator calls in a psychic to help them deal with the angry spirit. With each passing day, the spirit’s anger and violence increases, leading the family, the investigators and the psychic into an epic struggle over possession of the home. Will the battle end in favor of the family and the investigators, or will the angry cries of a vengeful spirit win out in the end?