ADC physician recognized for reporting excellence

Michele McDermott, MD, TMA Anson Jones Award winner,

Dr. McDermott was presented the award by Benjamin Lee, MD, Dallas, chair of TMA’s Council on Health Promotion which oversees the award selection.

Michele McDermott, MD wins Honorable Mention for Excellence in Physician Reporting

In late September, ADC Menopause and Osteoporosis specialist Michele McDermott, MD was recognized by the Texas Medical Association (TMA) with the Anson Jones Award for Excellence in Reporting.   Recognizing the need to clarify the confusion surrounding breast density and Henda’s Law, Dr. McDermott wrote an in depth article outlining what the newly enacted law would mean for women who received an initial diagnosis of “dense breast” tissue after a screening mammogram.   The article, titled “Confusion about Breast Density“,  was written in January of 2015 along with input from breast imager, Catherine Young, MD, with Austin Radiological Association.

The TMA judges thought Dr. McDermott’s article was well-written and packed with good information.  One judge said the article is “accurate and significant for a topic extremely confusing to women. It’s easy to read and understand, and clears up mixed messages out in the media regarding recommendations.”

Another judge said it would encourage women to talk with their doctors about the issue. Dr. McDermott is hard at work writing her next contribution to her blog “Take Pause” about issues that women want to know about during mid-life.  Follow the “Take Pause” blog here.

About the Award:

Anson Jones, MD, a pioneer Texas physician, served the Republic of Texas with distinction as a member of Congress, secretary of state, and its last president from 1844 to 1846. He was responsible for establishing the first regulations concerning the practice of medicine in Texas. He also urged formation of an “Association of Physicians of the Republic of Texas for the promotion and general diffusion of medical knowledge.” Throughout his life, Dr. Jones was a prolific writer. His book, “Republic of Texas,” shows his keen intellect, literary style, and devotion to an ideal.

It is for these reasons TMA’s award for excellence in journalism is named in his honor. TMA presented the first Anson Jones, MD, Award more than 50 years ago, to a Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter.


  1. Avatar Diane Crotchett says

    Yesterday, Nov. 1, I had a colonoscopy at the North ADC. This was my 4 or 5th colonoscopy and my easiest. I was most impressed with the warmth and professional treatment I received from Kimberly, Kaitlyn, Cherie and Gloria. It has become a rarity to find such cheerful staff in the medical field as these women. Dr. Dan Cohen who performed the procedure was also warm, professional and especially competent. It was as if I took and nap and went home. Thanks for all your peaceful, stress-reducing personalities. It was a pleasure. Diane – Austin

    • Avatar Rocky Epstein says

      Thank you so much for your comment. We will definitely let Dr. Cohen and his team know. Have a wonderful day!