ADC Honors Staff & Doctors

Annual Service Pin ceremony celebrates staff and physicians

Every year ADC celebrates the dedication of our staff members with a Service Pin Ceremony recognizing those individuals with 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 , 30  and more years of service.   This year  a total of  76 staff and physicians bring a combined 1140 years of experience to our Clinic!   18 of these individuals have been with ADC since our main clinic was located at 34th Street.   Each person brings their unique talent and perspective to ADC which contributes to our success.   We are fortunate to have such an amazing group of people at ADC.   There are no words to thank them for their contributions and loyalty these many years.

This year staff members were treated to the sounds of the Parmer Hill String Band.  The band comprised of ADC neurologists Dr. Patrick Nolan and Dr. Greg Thaera, with neurology staff members Andrea Tomlinson, Michael Perrill, Donald Price and Josh Kagan rounding out the group.

Parmer Hill String Band

Parmer Hill String Band

Of special note, Dr. Robert Emerson, celebrates 40 years as a pulmonary specialist!  He has been caring for Central Texans since joining the Clinic in 1974.

Dr. Emerson and wife

Dr. Emerson and wife


30 Year Recipients

25 Year Recipients

25 & 30 year Pin recipients

30 & 25 year Pin recipients, Karen King and Andrea Tomlinson

20 Year Recipients

  • Dorothy Brady, Pediatrics
  • Lyn Hamp, Ob/Gyn
  • Diane Garza, MD, Pediatrics
  • Marilyn Edmonds, Medical Records
  • Carol Pinkard, Communications
  • Leslie Jackson, Pediatrics
20 Year pin  recipients

20 Year pin recipients Carol Pinkard and Lyn Hamp with CEO Dr. Salman

15 Year Recipients

15 Year Pin Recipients

15 Year Pin Recipients Amanda Persley, Gloria Perez, Linda Foster and Pat Bahlmann

10 Year Recipients

10 year Pin recipients

10 year Pin recipients

5 Year Recipients

  • Kakoli Banerjee, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Jenna Grubman, ASC
  • Paola Van Der Vliet, Menopause
  • Janell Arms, Allergy
  • Allison Devine, MD, Ob/Gyn
  • Josephine Elliott, ENT
  • Jessica Kuiken, Business Office
  • Amanda Moore, Business Office
  • Chandra Vandry, Allergy
  • Nancy Eisen, DO, Family Practice
  • Gina Gonzales, Pediatrics
  • Vanessa McElroy, Women’s Imaging Center
  • Bhumika Patel, Imaging
  • Tara Prestridge, Triage
  • Diedre Price, Dermatology
  • Keisha Diaz, Women’s Imaging Center
  • Amanda Hammer, Pediatrics
  • Lisa Hartness, Internal Medicine
  • Daniel Howard, MD, Pediatrics
  • Paula Laubach, Imaging
  • Rachel Nobles, ENT
  • Kevin Osgood, MD, Rheumatology
  • Emely Villegas, Podiatry
  • Cindy Wasser, OD, Ophthalmology
  • Brian White, Allergy
  • Angela Puddicombe, ASC
  • Vishal Kancherla, DO, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Carol McManus, Ophthalmology
  • Ellen Andrew, Medical Staff and Contracting
  • Richard Bryarly, MD, ENT
  • Jan Rinehart, Cardiology
  • Danielle SMith, Dermatology
  • Julie Casas, Business Office
  • Brandi Chalman, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Andi Erben, Imaging
  • Michael Perrill, Neurology
  • Jeffrey Selby, Purchasing
  • Howard Baade, EasyCare
  • Farheen Yousuf, MD, Endocrinology
  • Betssi Ochoa, Pediatrics
  • Kimberly Roche-Green, Pediatrics
  • Jessica Hernandez, EasyCare
ADC 5 year Pin Recipients

5 year Pin Recipients