Achieving Work Life Balance

Seeking work life balance every day

Dr. Yetunde Sokunbi, family practitioner at ADC Circle C is like the rest of us and struggles to find that perfect balance of job satisfaction and enjoying life.  In this video Dr. Sokunbi shares some of what she does and the advice she gives her patients to help achieve their own work life balance.

Why is it important to have a work life balance?

I think work life balance is really important for everybody so I really encourage all my patients to make sure they take time for themselves each and every day after they come home from work. Whatever you do to center yourself every day –  to kind of just take what I call ‘me-time’ if you want to say. Because it helps you just kind of relax after a long, long, stressful day.  I think having hobbies is really important. I think friends and having good social support is really important for everybody. Just because of where our society is now. We’re always on the go, so I think taking time out for yourself and making sure you’re spending time with your loved ones is really important for you.

What do you like to do?

I’ve been doing voice-lessons because I really like music a lot so voice-lessons weekly is kind of my thing after work. I think exercise is really important so I encourage all my patients to find something that they like to do, whether that’s..I have some people that like to do Zumba, people that like to do running, I have people that have roped me into doing Camp Gladiator early morning, so I’m going to start doing that in a couple of weeks so that’s really cool. I think running’s really fun. I used to run a lot, so I’m trying to get back into that so I’m training for a half-marathon.

I also love soccer so I’m a huge Arsenal fan so I think it’s important if you love sports or love watching sports, kind of you know, watch with a group of your friends, just hanging out and having a good time. It’s important to keep yourself mentally active, so if you like doing puzzles or reading, just getting involved in your community, however you can. Either through volunteering, that’s really important. Having a spiritual practice is really important too. I go to church and that is really enriching for my life.

Advice for patients

So, I tell my patients these things. You don’t have to do a ton of things. You can just find one thing and kind of be consistent with it. So, I encourage you all to find whatever you love and pursue it with all your passion.


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