9 tips for maintaining weight during vacation

Travel plans? Plan ahead to keep from derailing your weight loss.

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Spring break is here, and with the kids out of school and family trips planned you’ll need a plan to be successful while on vacation.

Here are 9 tips for maintaining your weight while traveling or on vacation.

  1. Pack snacks or meal replacements.
    Fresh fruit like bananas, apples, and oranges travel well. Oatmeal packets are great for traveling because all you need is hot water.
  2. Call the hotel and arrange for a refrigerator and/or microwave. 
    If that is not an option, you can bring packaged oatmeal. You can make it in the coffee maker at the hotel.
  3. Pack water and make sure to get in 64 ounces every day.
    Some people mistake thirst for hunger.
  4. Research restaurants and grocery stores near where you are staying.
    Buy healthy options and stock your refrigerator in your hotel so that you don’t have to rely on eating out the entire time.
  5. Check to see where the closest grocery store is.
    On your first day of a trip go buy some fresh veggies, fruit and other items you can prepare in your hotel. Fat-Free Greek Yogurt is great if you have a mini fridge in your room.
  6. Pre-load: Eat before you go.
    Make sure you have time to eat a healthy breakfast and lunch so you’re not ravenous by dinner time.
  7. Bring exercise gear.
    Many hotels have a gym. If it does not, bring your walking shoes and explore the city you are staying in.
  8. Eat as healthy as possible when eating at restaurants.
    Choose options that will be filling, with a mix of protein and whole grain (grilled shrimp/ fish tacos on corn, grilled fish, or chicken entrees with steamed vegetables). You can also make modifications to dishes to make them a bit healthier by asking for no cheese or for your protein or vegetables to be cooked without oil. You can also take your own salad dressing with you.
  9. Skip the alcohol and sugary beverages, when possible or choose only one or two nights to indulge.
    The calories from alcohol do not replace calories you will take in from food. Also, alcohol can impair your judgment when making good food choices.

Don’t get down on yourself. You’re likely to have a few indulgences or unhealthy meals while traveling. Just hop back on the healthy train when you get home!