7 Tips for Eating Healthy on Vacation

Keep your healthy eating habits in place even on vacation!

fruits at poolside

The ADC Weight Management team offers some tips to stick with your healthy eating plan!

  • Eat 5 fruits and vegetables per day, no matter what
  • Eat foods that are high volume, low calorie (see chart below) (download PDF)
  • Start your day with exercise (check out your hotel’s gym, walk on the beach, hike, swim – it all counts)
  • Keep tempting foods out of sight like candy, chips, ice cream, and cheese
  • Social Gatherings: don’t linger around the food – stay busy!
  • Call your host to let him/her know you’re on a diet or ask your server for healthy eating options when going out.
  • Have a double protein shake or a vegetable/fruit snack before you go

Just remember: it’s easier to problem-solve beforehand than it is to backtrack later on.

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