5 Healthy Father’s Day Gift Ideas

How are you planning to honor Dad this year?

There are a lot of suggestions for healthy Father’s Day gifts, so how do you choose one for the special dads in your life?  ADC’s Weight and Health Risk Management educators and staff pulled some healthy gift ideas together. Here are some of their favorites:

smart watch with healthy lifestyle icon set over white background.

Fitness Tracking Devices

More than a pedometer, a fitness tracking device wirelessly tracks your physical activity and uploads it. It can even help you track your sleep. But if this gadget is a bit out of your price range, a good pedometer would also be a great gift to help dad get moving.  Check out this comparison guide of the best fitness trackers by PC magazine.

walking shoes

Walking shoes

Does your dad do a lot of walking? “He may need a new pair of shoes,” says Delores Brandes, HRM’s Clinical Program Director, “Your best bet is to have him fitted for a pair of shoes by a professional. That way he can get the right fit for his foot.”  ADC podiatrists also offer a shoe fitting guide to help dad find the perfect fit.

Senior Man Doing Sit-ups on a fitness ball

Exercise Ball

An exercise ball is great for developing core strength.  “It’s a good way to break a sweat without hurting your back,” says Olivia Ellis, behavioral health educator. “It’s affordable and easy to use during most workouts.”

Plus, it’s a workout your dad can do at home, without joining a gym.  Mayo Clinic Core exercises on a fitness ball.

Magazine cover template. Yoga blogging layer, health sport vector illustration

Magazine Subscription

For dad’s who are trying to improve their health — or just want to stay well — a subscription to a health newsletter or magazine may be the perfect fit. Here are some suggestions:

Barbecue set

Cooking Gadgets

Does your dad like to grill? What about using the latest air fryer or instant pot? Our health educators encourage patients to cook healthy in a variety of ways. Using new gadgetry will make cooking fun and interesting without the added calories of oil, butter and salt.

What healthy gift do you plan to give Dad this year? Share your ideas in the comments section below.