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Having just moved to Austin, I didn’t have a primary care doc so I chose ADC instead of going to an urgent care clinic which would’ve cost me almost as much w/o the ability to build a relationship with a GP.

So I made an appointment to see Dr. Jeanette Cross.  They were seeing new patients (no small feat) and able to get me in w/in a week.

The appointment itself was great. Dr. Cross didn’t try to rush me and squeeze everything in to a 15 min appointment so she could see as many patients as possible. She took her time listening to my issue and figuring out a treatment plan.  5 stars for Dr. Cross.

The reason I gave ADC 4 stars is I told them I didn’t have insurance and that I was self-pay so I figured they would give me a full bill for all services rendered.  The front desk mentioned a 25% discount for same day self-pay patients that came out to $134.25, but a week or so later I got a bill for $179 (minus the $134 “co-pay”).  It was misleading and poor communication, but I don’t consider $179 to be outrageous for the almost 45 mins Dr. Cross spent with me.

I won’t hesistate to go back to see Dr. Cross again.

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