3 reasons to regularly see a dermatologist

You may want to add a dermatologist to your list of annual healthcare specialist appointments.

hand with scalpel starts to remove mole from skin

Whether it is a changing mole or an itchy scalp, dermatologists are available as healthcare specialists for all matters concerning skin, hair and nails.

Yet, patients do not see the dermatologist as often as other family healthcare providers. Why should you see a dermatologist more often?

Skin Cancer

There are over 1 million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer  in the United States every year.  Exposure to the sun increases your chances of skin cancer, but even the areas of your skin that are unexposed are at risk, too.

Your dermatologist can make recommendations on how often you should have your skin checked depending on your risk factors and exam.  Patients should schedule an appointment with a dermatologist immediately if you notice unusual or changing moles.


Most pimples are manageable with over the counter medicine or daily face wash. However, if you find that your acne is unresponsive to these techniques, then a visit to your dermatologist can help clear up your face. As skin specialists, dermatologists know which products to recommend for your specific skin type.

Chronic Skin Diseases

If your scalp starts to itch constantly or you find yourself with patches of excessively dry skin, then you may have a chronic skin disease.  These diseases, such as psoriasis and eczema, may reoccur over your lifetime, but can be managed with regular visits to a healthcare specialist.