2013 Service Pin

ADC Staff and Physicians honored at annual ADC Service Pin Ceremony

  • 41 Staff and physicians received their 5 year pins
  • 26 received their 10 year pins
  • 22 received their 15 year pins
  • 15 received their 20 year pins
  • 5 received their 25 year pins
  • 2 received their 30 year pins: Dr. William Lockett and Dr. Jerry Hood
  •  Dr. Dennis Welch received his 45 year pin

“Our Clinic is proud of all our hard working staff members, especially those who have dedicated many years of their lives to ADC. It is through their dedication and commitment that we continue to provide excellent service and compassionate care,” said ADC CEO Ghassan Salman.

In a room full of staff and physicians, which included retired ADC doctors Jonathan Decherd, Charles Felger,  William McCarron and former ADC administrator David Manning,  Dr. Dennis Welch received a standing ovation for 45 years of service.

Additionally, staff members sang holiday songs and a short video showed staff and physicians expressing thanks for friends, family and colleagues and holiday wishes for all.


  1. “2013 Service Pin” story – Dr. Salman’s comment, “…compassionate car.” (sic)
    Really? Pitiable editing for a website of this caliber.

  2. Hi there, thanks so much for catching that. You are very right that editing could have been better. We do work very hard to make sure we catch those kind of errors, but sometimes things get through. Best wishes to you.