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Austin Oncology & Hematology Practice

Please note:   Effective August 1, 2014, ADC will no longer offer Hematology/Oncology services.

Hematology Center

Our hematologists treat blood diseases that affect the production of blood and its components.

Oncology Center

Our oncologists have years of experience treating cancer tumors, including:

  • Diagnosis of cellular type
  • Extent of spread
  • Staging of all types of cancer.
  • Coordination of surgery, imaging, radiation and chemotherapy care
  • Follow-up surveillance after treatment

The hematologists and oncologists at The Austin Diagnostic Clinic also work with the physicians of the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center to enroll cancer patients in clinical trials when appropriate and coordinate ongoing care when needed.

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Doctors & Providers

Shubhada Shrikhande

Shubhada Shrikhande, M.D.

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